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Accepting & Receiving Gifts Graciously

Hello Friends.  Happy Holidays to you all.  I hope this month is filled with precious memories of times past, hope for a better tomorrow and enjoyment in the moment.

Of course the holidays can be such a sad time for many as they are without precious loved ones which creates an increased measure of sadness during this time of year.

Ladies, gentlemen, may we each take many moments to quietly ponder who needs extra love this month?  

May we sit down with our families and pray and discuss what we can do to brighten someone’s door or day?

No, we cannot wipe away other’s pain, but we can do so much to let others know that we love them, we care for them and we have not forgotten them or their loved ones.

I would like to challenge everyone to use this time of year as we celebrate what is precious to us, to bring light to others.

I get many questions concerning gifts around this time of year…what is too expensive, when to buy and when not to buy, what if someone buys for me but I didn’t buy for them, etc.  May I suggest a few considerations to keep us focused on what’s important and enjoy the gift of giving and receiving.

Deciding to buy something for someone should simply come from the desire to give for the sake of giving.  

For instance, you walk through a store and you see something that just reminds you of someone and you think they would love it, that’s a great time to give.  We should never feel obligated to give to anyone.  I would never want anyone to buy something for me because they felt they should, would you?  Of course not.  We should each be so touched when someone has taken the time and thought to give us a gift, but we should never ever expect one.

If someone gives us a gift, but we have not reciprocated, instead of feeling guilty, just be grateful and show your gratitude in words and deed. I don’t give gifts to only those who I believe have gotten me a gift.  Surely none of us do.  The gift of giving comes from the heart and desire to give and should be received with pure joy.  

Remember, the greater joy comes in the act of giving, not receiving.  There is no need for apologies when we have not reciprocated, rather, just be grateful.

We should consider the amount we spend when choosing a gift.  It does create discomfort when someone spends a large amount on someone that they do not have an intimate relationship with. Make sure our gifts are more about the thought than the money.

Finally, if someone has asked us to please not buy for them or their children, please honor that request.  We can show love in many ways outside of gift giving like giving service, cooking dinner for others, spending time with others and simply meeting their needs.  Purchased gifts are only one small way to give to others.

Enjoy your holidays and make every day count.  Love each other.  Be kind.  Thus lies to key to happiness.

Happy Holidays!

Monica Irvine

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