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Fighting Negativity

I think I'm getting more negative as I get older.  My head knows, as I've been taught, that being negative is not becoming of a lady, yet...then my day starts.  :)  I am so blessed.  Too blessed to ever have a negative thought or comment for the rest of my life, so how do I make sure I'm not. 

I don't want my children to hear me gripe or complain, especially about things that don't have eternal consequences. 

I want them to hear me be grateful, appreciative,
 thoughtful and non-judgmental.  

I struggle like the next person, but I know that as I focus on my blessings of being a mother, living in this great nation, knowing why I'm here and such, it will be more difficult for me to gripe and complain. 

I vow to try harder to be positive and gracious, so that my children will want to do the same.  I know it makes for a happier person, day and family.

Have a great day!

Monica Irvine

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Julie said...

I love that you started the blog Monica! Great words of wisdom about being positive. You add such a personal touch.