Professional Etiquette

Today, more and more companies are looking to etiquette experts to help transform their employees to the needed professionals that they must be to compete in this global market.  So, let’s have a little preview of what professional etiquette is here.  Here’s some things to consider:
  • Having a positive tone and voice when answering the phone is crucial.  It is the very first image your customers have of your company.  Customers ask, “Are they friendly?  Do they act like they’re interested in why I’ve called?  Do they act ‘put out’ that they’ve had to answer the phone?  Do they make me want to do business with this company?”  These are just a few questions going through a customers mind when interacting with someone on the phone at a business.  It’s also very important to never place callers “on hold” without their permission and never for more than 30 seconds without giving them the option of calling back later or leaving a message.  Yes, I realize this is “news” to many companies :)
  • Be positive at work.  Do you work with anyone who complains often?  It’s not that fun is it?  No one likes to work with others who complain and are often negative.  Complaining and being negative is very unproductive and tends to bring the entire atmosphere of the workplace down.  If you have an official complaint, then administer the complaint through the proper channels.  Besides that, be cheerful, positive and productive at work.  It’s not fair to unload our personal business or our “gripes” to our coworkers.  They are their to do their job and make the most of their circumstances while being a proactive and positive force for the company.  Either be a team player, or move on.
  • It is very unprofessional to gossip, but especially at work.  Gossiping is a very destructive force that literally leads to drops in production, declining company moral and even a loss of overall profit.  At work, we are to be professional at all times.  This means we look for the positive in those we work with, we work well as a team to reach optimal performance and we keep unproductive conversation at bay.  Don’t be a “busy body” at work, just be busy.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.  A professional knows that somedays we succeed and some days we fail but those who really succeed are those that learn from their failures and move on.  Sometimes we spend more time trying to cover our mistakes then the time it would take to take responsibility for our mistakes and then move forward to do many more wonderful things.  Never “pass the buck”.  Be a MAN.  Be a WOMAN.  Take ownership and move forward.
  • Give your 100% regardless.  Sometimes, employees loose interest in an assignment or a project and start “slacking” on their work ethics.  Giving 100% every time, every project, every day is what divides the winners from the losers.  We will always end up ahead by giving our all.
  • Help others succeed.  The real test of a great leader is how many great leaders did we help build.  Some people think that as long as they look out for themselves, they will always end up on top.  This is not true.  We may have some success with this as our motto, however long term success comes from helping others succeed and in turn, helping ourselves.  Be on the team.  The winning team.  Show integrity, honesty, character and moral conviction every day at work, rain or shine and you my friend will have a recipe for success.
More to come...

Monica Irvine
a.k.a. Mary Manners

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