True Test of a Gentleman

True test of a gentleman!  OK men, this one is for you.  Can you pass the gentleman test?  If your wife, your co-workers, your children were to be asked if you were someone they would consider to be a gentleman...would they say "Yes?"  Does it matter?  Statistics show that men who have more "gentleman" attributes get more respect from their peers, receive pay raises at a faster pace and overall report to have healthier and happier relationships.  It matters.  See how you do with the following questions...
  • Do I open the doors for all ladies and my peers?
  • Do I avoid ever speaking of offensive topics in the presence of ladies?
  • Am I careful to never engage in any behavior that could be misconstrued as inappropriate?
  • Do I always pay for the meals of those whom I invite to lunch or dinner?
  • Do I dress in a way that shows I have respect for myself and others?
  • Do I stand when a lady approaches or leaves my table?
  • Do I only extend my hand to a lady once she extends her hand first during an introduction?
  • Do I refrain from giving physical affection to ladies that I am in a casual relationship with, unless I have their permission?
  • Do I help all ladies in my presence with their coats, umbrellas or any other item that they need assistance with?
  • Do I refrain from ever borrowing money from a lady?
  • Do I keep my Word, always returning items on time and always completing task when I have committed to completing them.
  • Do I keep myself clean, always being mindful of my breath, body odor and overall hygiene?
  • Am I comfortable with making and keeping eye contact in all my conversation?
  • Am I confident, kind and honest?
  • Do I have polite table manners?  Do I use them at all times?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you my friend are a great example of a gentleman and I'm sure that you feel the benefits of being such in your life.  If you could not answer "yes" to many of these questions, may I suggest you call me.  We'll work on it :)