Showing Value to Others

Time...time is the equalizer for us all.  We’ve all been given time, some shorter than others but nevertheless this “time” is important, because what we do with our time is what determines our happiness, success, and future.

Watching the recent events in Paris have caused me to ponder again the lack of knowledge of so many on the value of human life.  This lacking value system is vas and complicated but truly we can do our part to influence a better way, a better ideology by showing those we come into contact with that we do indeed value them and all human life.  How do we do it?  We start here.

We start by living our lives in a way that shows value to others.  

That’s what etiquette is all about, remember.  Etiquette is an outward demonstration of how we feel about others.  It’s NOT a list of do’s and don’ts that we “check off” and when we do we can announce that we have good etiquette.  It’s an inner belief that others should be placed above ourselves.  When we do this, we give ourselves the most valuable and rewarding gift that can be given, self respect.

Today, show your children that you value them by setting down your phone, moving away from your computer for an extended period of time and focus on nothing else but them.  Look them in the eyes, listen to their questions, find out how they are feeling today.

Today, show your spouse or companion that you value them by doing a small act of uninvited service for them.  What would make their day a little easier?  Maybe ironing their shirt, maybe fixing them a piece of toast and glass of orange juice, maybe helping them look for their briefcase.  Just do something that reminds them that you care, you love them and serving them makes you happy.

Today, show your colleague that you value them by asking them about something that you know they are concerned with, whether it’s their wayward son, a big account, their stock portfolio, etc.  It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as they know that we were listening last week when they shared just for a moment something that was bothering them and we remember.

Today, show the stranger at Starbucks or the stranger you pass on the street that you value them by smiling and saying, “Good morning.”  Just something to show them that you see them, they are not invisible and you care.

It starts small.  May we never miss an opportunity to show others that we value them.  It’s the only way to be valuable.

Have a great month!
Very best,

Monica Irvine