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Hosting Dinner Parties

We're going to continue on the topic of being a great host with the focus on dinner parties.

Let me start by helping you relax.  You don't have to be Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart to host a dinner party.  You don't have to have fine china or sterling silver salt-n-pepper shakers.  Really!

What you do need to host a dinner party is motivation, some creativity (not much),
 and a desire to help your guests feel valued.

I always appreciate and notice when a host has taken the time to think through the evening.  A great host always knows how many people his/her home can comfortably handle.  He/she also knows her friends and family well enough to invite those who he/she thinks will enjoy each other and have a lot to talk about.

A host is always aware of ambiance.  

Sometimes you may need to rearrange furniture to help traffic flow.  Sometimes you need candles, fun lights, or extra decor.  Sometimes just finding the right music is all it takes to set the mood of the party.  A good host knows how to balance this.

A great host oftentimes will have a fun appetizer or hors d'oeuvres ready when the guests begin to arrive to make sure no one starves while waiting on dinner to be served.  It also can become a conversational piece.  

Having a variety of drinks ready once the guests arrive show that when a guest has something in their hand, they are more relaxed.

Whether serving a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style dinner, the trick to success at the table is simple but really tasty.  

A dinner party is usually not the time to try out a new recipe that you're unfamiliar with

New recipes have a way of surprising us, and usually a host doesn't like surprises.  Choose items you know you're great a preparing so your stress level is as low as possible.  Items you can prepare ahead of time and hold warmth, flavor, and texture for longer periods are usually ideal.  It's nice if the host doesn't have to spend the whole evening in the kitchen.

The host is always keenly aware of conversation throughout the party.  

He/she knows when the subject needs to be changed or when it's time to ask someone else a question so conversations are not hogged by only a few.  A great host takes a peek in the powder room throughout the evening to make sure things are order.

As you smile, greet, and speak to every guest individually, you're sure to have a successful evening. Regardless if the meat was cooked to perfection or the cake was moist enough, people want to feel valued, and they can see and feel that through the efforts that a host makes.

Don't be intimidated in hosting a dinner party.  Just have fun and be yourself!

Monica Irvine

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