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Stand Up for our "Elders"

It is polite to stand when an adult enters the room, approaches a table, introduces themselves, and stands to leave.  I hear so many people complaining that the young people today, don't show respect for their "elders."  There are many different ways to teach respect, but one way is to teach our children to stand.  Sometimes, when we teach our children to do something new, they are hesitant, embarrassed, or irritated regarding the new rule.  Be patient, yet consistent with teaching your children this important etiquette skill.  It's interesting that when we stand for someone, our respect and appreciation for them actually grow.  Think about if you were sitting in a chair when the President of the United States walked into the room.  You simply would stand.  Even if you didn't particularly care for the current President, you would stand due to your honor and respect you have for the office of the President.  And, by standing, you would be reminded of your love and appreciation for our country and for the freedoms the office of the President represent.  Similarly, as our children stand for Grandma when she enters our home, or when they stand when Dad comes home from work and give him a welcoming hug, these acts of kindness help solidify, in a small way, their respect for these individuals.  It's important.  Let's teach our children about standing.


Anna said...

Thanks for this blog! I will add you to my homeschool/family blogroll. I love your curriculum so far and am excited to have perfectly behaved children by the end:)

Anna Jones

The Etiquette Factory said...

Thank you Anna. Just getting started with the blog. Hoping to make several improvements in the coming days. Thank you for your support.

shar said...

Now this is one I've NOT heard. I have however taught my children to Address and adult with a greeting,and to thank them for meals and for the time they were at their homes.