It's the Little Things that Count

It’s the Small Things That Count

Hello Friends!  We are going to start a series on being a Host that I hope you will enjoy.  This month we are going to begin with Houseguests.  If you’re like me, I love having company...well most of the time.  I love when friends and family come to visit and I love to do things that show how much I enjoy and appreciate their visit.  One way we can do this is by putting forth a little effort in furnishing the guest room with some fun accommodations for our guest.  Even if your “guest room” is your child’s room, with the right extras, you can make any guest feel like they’re on vacation and well cared for.  For those who don’t have an official guest room, making a guest basket is a really fun idea.  My children have helped me create our guest basket which has heightened their excitement when guest visit, as they are excited for them to see our special basket.

Below you will see a list of suggestions for your guest room or guest basket.   Please don’t feel like you have to provide all of these suggestions, but hopefully you will see a few that you like.  Your guest basket is not for your guest to take home with them, but remains in your guest room while they are visiting.  Each time guest come, we just simply freshen it up with fresh snacks, etc.  Here are the suggestions:

extra blanket good reading light clock radio wastebasket
coat hangers safety pins luggage rack fresh soaps
lotion bath salts shampoo/cond new toothbrush
toothpaste fresh towels fresh cloths short books
magazines suntan lotion snacks sweets
calendar vase of flowers lint roller extra pillow
headache med stomach ache med notepad pens

Once again, just have fun with preparing your guest basket.  I don’t purchase these things all at once.  When I’m out, I just keep by guest basket in the back of my mind in case I see a great deal on something.  Letting our children help prepare for guest, teaches them a really valuable lesson.  The lesson is “It’s the Small Things that Count.”  What a great opportunity to help our children experience the joy of giving and helping others to feel valued.  Have fun.

Have a great month,

Monica Irvine

a.k.a. Mary Manners

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