Hello Friends,

It's time for a Give-A-Way.  Win a KidBudget Program!!!!

How do you enter the drawing?  Simply share this post on your Facebook Page and then copy and paste your post into an email to me at  We will draw a winner Friday morning, Feb. 15th, 2013  at 8:00am and announce the winner at 8:30am.

What are you winning?  Let me tell you about it.

KidBudget is a money management workbook and program for children ages 6-12 years of age.  It's really quite amazing!  I love it because it's so simple.  Your children will work their way through the student workbook and as they do, they will learn how to manage their money.  They will learn the concepts of "short term goals," "long term goals," "donations," and "play money."

It comes with these little pouches that help the children organize their money, so they can see where it is going.  It also comes with worksheets, simple charts and other resources to help your children master the skill of money management.  What a beautiful gift to give our children!!  

Once again, this is soooooooo simple, yet sooooooooooo effective.  We just spent about 10 minutes each day working on 1 assignment and before we new it, we were done with the workbook and actually managing our money.  In reality, these skills are for the whole family.  This will be one of the most valuable skills we will teach our children.  Each child needs their own workbook but first, WIN this one and then you'll be SOLD.  Enter the DRAWING TODAY!!!


Detours and Blessings said...

I want to win it! How do we enter? (Sorry if I missed the instructions. I'm scanning posts today during a quick break from school.) :)

wicklineco said...

Hi- I tried 3 times, but it says you email address is not a valid one? I need some help please :) Thank you :)