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As we all spend more time on social media, it's time to outline some social media etiquette that will benefit us all as we apply these principles to our communications.  Here we go:

  • Messages should tend to be uplifting, informative or positive.
  • Posting more than four or five things a day, may be too excessive.
  • We should ask ourselves, "Is there anyone that I would rather not see this post?"  If anyone comes to mind, then we should not post on social media.
  • We should never engage in bullying, teasing or arguing via social media.
  • Our post should not be solely focused on ourselves, as this would seem narcissistic, but should rather include our family, our friends and outside influences.
  • Check our intentions before posting, asking ourselves, "Are we posting this to benefit others or to gain some perspective, or am I posting to hurt, insult or misguide others?"  If our intentions are proper, then it is appropriate for social media.
  • Be careful not to over share.  Usually, these are things that are gross, disgusting, vulgar, too private, or too intimate.  We never use names when speaking of situations where others were affected in a negative way.
  • Try to be humble when announcing accomplishments.  It's fine to be proud, we just need to be sensitive to sounding like we're bragging.
  • NEVER upload pictures of others to social media without their permission.  Come on, we all want to look our best, especially when the whole world can see.  Let's make sure our friends and family are OK with us posting pictures of them.  Email them ahead of time and ask if they mind if we share the image on social media.
  • Do not "tag" anyone without their permission, unless you are sure they want you to "tag" them.
  • If you don't like a comment or post, unless you feel like it is damaging your reputation or someone else's, there's really no reason to comment.  Just move on.  It's not our responsibility to inform every person of what points we disagree with them on.  Just let it go.
  • Don't "over ask" someone to "follow" you or "pin" your info, etc.  Invite and then let it go.
Here's another great link that has some further protocol for social media I really like:

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